Magic NEW Curtain Hooks

5 out of 5 stars. Magic NEW Curtain Hooks for VERY Safe Curtain Hanging

This set of curtain hooks is one of the most considered home ‘gadgets’ or ‘systems’ i have come across in a very long time. Hanging curtains alone can be a tricky, risky business. I cannot remember the number of times i have taken risks standing on a dodgy box or stool, or even a table, to reach high enough to fix my curtain hooks onto the rail.

With this new style of hook (also called rings) and especially with the wee contraption that fits on the end of any broom handle (or pole anyone can find about the house), the curtain can be lifted onto the curtain pole, one hook at a time, whilst standing on the floor. Magic! The entire weight of the curtain is placed onto the curtain pole with the first hook, taking away that horrendous awkwardness of handling a sometimes huge, weighty bulk of fabric! It truly is fantastic, especially for anyone not able, or rather, unwilling(!) to take the risk of standing on that dodgy chair, to get high enough, with that bundle of fabric. It also feels great to be independent rather than having to get a neighbour, wait for a friend, or call in an expensive handy person to help. Truly brilliant!

I am now going to invest in some VERY CHEAP broom handles from the DIY shop as new curtain poles and order more curtain hooks for the rest of my house. Yeah, and another lovely thing about this product is that it comes in a variety of colours. The hooks are in two parts and the tongue part can be ordered in a different colour, making the hooks two tone. Many combinations are possible, which you can choose when ordering. Very funky!

In the meantime my gold hooks look great. You can check out these hooks in detail at but you need to order through Amazon.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Thank you EASY HANG SYSTEMS, from a very happy customer.

Amazon Customer, 28 Oct. 2016