Our Story


Donald Reid, Easy Hang HooksMy name is Donald inventor of the Easy Hang Hook let me tell you the story of how Easy Hang Hook came to be. This whole system came about because I was sitting down trying to watch TV when my mother came in saying that her friend has just paid £60 for “the wee man” to come in and change her curtains from the summer set to the winter set ….oh great I muttered as I tried to watch my programme.

Two days later while busy in the shed my mother came back and asked if I could give her a hand with her curtains? Rolling my eyes I gave her the standard “two minutes” answer.

The next day out came the small ladders she placed them into position and said “right up” having no get out clause, up I ventured.

On reaching what would be dizzy heights for some people I started taking the small hooks out of the curtain rings, a fiddly job at best until all were out and I had the curtain wrapped around one arm, when I landed back on the floor she wanted the small hooks off the light curtains and onto the heavier winter ones, well after several mistakes with those annoying little hooks it was time to venture up again, this time with a far heavier curtain over left hand the other grasping the steps a famous Laurel and Hardy picture came to mind ..

whats-problem-with-curtainsLaugh as you may but now I had to let go the steps and try getting those small hooks I disliked through the centre of a very small ring indeed, hands free on a pair of dancing steps, eventually having achieved all the rings and safely back down to earth I was greeted with …. “Right the next one”

I was glad I helped my mother, I was wondering if £60 was a bargain.

But more important …. I was wondering could there be an easier way?

I set out thinking and drawing how I thought the hook should look like and had the first prototype made within two days ……

IT did not work However, I did learn not to do that again.

The second one required more thought, and with 3D printing in mind would offer more possibilities in design, I could see the hook in my head I just needed to get it out of there.

Eventually I had the hook out, and in my hands, yes it actually worked just a few wee tweaks to be perfect.

Today my mother and friends are very happy with the new hooks, changing the curtains as if it were a new sport …. Under two minutes? Not bad.